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Synergy Alliance intentionally seeks to develop key Alliance relationships with other ministries that carry the same heart, both in the UK and around the world. We believe this gives us a healthy global perspective, granting us a bigger footprint worldwide as well as providing us with greater opportunities to have an impact as an alliance around the world. It also enables those within the Alliance to receive inspiration and help from others across the globe who are doing great things for God.

We seek to form healthy cross-alliance relationships worldwide with churches, but also ministries, that specialise in missions and have a passion for humanitarian care.

Examples of these include:

Synergy Alliance has been involved in various building projects in the Philippines over the last few years, in places such as Tigglawiggen and Aurora, helping to construct permanent church buildings that will be able to withstand typhoon seasons.

We also have a working relationship with The Ramp, Hamilton, Alabama, a ministry led by Karen Wheaton.

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