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of healthy, cross-alliance relationships
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Finding your tribe

Find your tribe

There are so many great opportunities available today for leaders to connect themselves in healthy relationships with others and to find a life source that encourages them to live and lead the very best they can; probably more now than ever before. The reality is that people are very different and are drawn or attracted to different things. This is healthy and how God made it to be. In some ways, people have to indeed “find their tribe”.

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Joining hands with Synergy has meant we found ‘our tribe’. We love the authenticity, the shared values and the heart to heart connection that has given us a great sense of belonging.
Glenn & Cathy Khann, Senior Pastors, Sonrise Church Hastings, UK

Our cultural values

Synergy Alliance has been designed to provide a ‘walking shoulder-to-shoulder’ style of relationship with other like-minded ministers and ministries from the UK and across the world. It is non-governing in its set up, with a clear agenda to provide authentic, healthy and accountable relationships for those desiring them.

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Cultural values

Being affiliated with Synergy Alliance has been an enormous blessing to us personally as leaders and to our church. Being relatively new leaders, the excellent support and advice we have received has been invaluable and transforming. We have really appreciated the time and energy that Pastor Andy and others have invested into resourcing, teaching, building and encouraging both us as leaders and us as a church.
Leon & Mandy Mileham, Senior Pastors, Connect Church Maidstone, UK
Leon & Mandy Mileham

Upcoming Events

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A bigger footprint

We intentionally seek to develop key relationships with other ministries that carry the same heart, both in the UK and around the world. We believe this gives us a healthy global perspective, granting us a bigger footprint worldwide as well as providing us with greater opportunities to have an impact as an alliance around the world.

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Synergy Alliance

We are a group of people that enjoy each other's company and have enough in common to want to both build and walk alongside each other.

Andy Elmes - Senior Pastor of Family Church and Founder of Synergy Alliance