Open access to the leaders within it, enabling you to get wisdom, resource and advice when needed. We really want the Alliance to be a ‘walking alongside’ relationship. Within the churches of Synergy Alliance there are many years of experience concerning both the spiritual and practical aspects of ministry, a pool of expertise regarding building church and running healthy ministries.

Training Days and Events

Throughout the year we seek to put on training days and specially-designed events that will empower you, the leader, as well as what you lead.

Empower Conference

This is our annual conference in the south of England; a great opportunity to connect with others in the Alliance and be inspired to lead the best you can. These conferences also now have annual expressions in other regions, currently including the north of England, Scotland, and internationally in America and the Philippines.

Synergy Express

A short, sharp 24-hour getaway together. Deliberately kept smaller in crowd size and held in different parts of the country, these are very successful and popular times. We meet at a hotel to eat, fellowship and have input from a Synergy leader or guest speaker. “Short”, “sharp” and “very effective” are some of the words others have used to describe these events.


During the year we will send out different resources that we feel could empower, stretch or encourage you in your life and leadership.

Ministry Opportunities

Whenever we have quality ministry coming through we may seek to make them available to Alliance members, maybe for a regional event or to minister to their Church. Again, there is no unhealthy expectation, or demand, to have them.

A bigger footprint

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